A press note prepared by the Tumas Fenech Foundation for Education in Journalism for this morning’s coverage of the Seminar for Journalists organized by the Office of the European Parliament in Valletta in collaboration with the Foundation.

A 2 day Seminar organized by The office of the European Parliament and the Tumas Fenech Foundation for Education for local journalists with the topic ‘How to cover the European Parliament on Site and from a Distance’ came to a close this afternoon.

Dr Michael Schakleton, a permanent senior executive of the European Parliament and co-author of the famed book entitled ‘The European Parliament’ was the keynote speaker who dwelt among other issues on how the EU Parliament has evolved in its operational methods since the early 80’s.

MEPs Mr Louis Grech and Dr Simon Busuttil gave an overview of their experiences in their 3 years of service in Brussels and provided the participating journalists with details of their initiatives and their contributions for the benefit of the maltese citizens in general.

In his concluding remarks President Emeritus Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici who chairs the Tumas Fenech Foundation highlighted the importance of imparting knowledge as a fundamental factor for real democracy.

He stressed the significance of the reportage of the European Parliament proceedings and what is happening in the various committees.

The Tumas Fenech for Education in Journalism and the Office of the European Parliament are intensifying their efforts to ensure that in future there will be a regular number of such activities in the calendar events of the Foundation.